• Human Fly (Live @ Sister)2:40
  • Surfin Dead (Live @ Sister)3:08
  • New Kind of Kick (Live @ Sister)3:29

©    2019   Jack Atlantis

TEENAGE WEREWOLVES  the worlds best  CRAMPS tribute / revival show.

Welcome to the "Psychobilly-Circus & Punk-Rock-Theater". This All-Star band executes a spot-on / bad-ass sound as Jack Atlantis channels the energy of rock & roll’s wildest front-man, Lux Interior... 2009, the TEENAGE WEREWOLVES picked up where the Cramps left off then added a visually-irresistible stage-show with John Waters & Russ Myers overtones. This action-packed freak-out show is full of thrills, spills & more than you bargained for plus a parade of  hula-hooping go-go dancers bikini-clad, machine-gun toting, Lucha-Wrestlers  voodoo-beating-drum-girls... TEENAGE WEREWOLVES cut their teeth on the unforgiving & historical stages of  L.A. and have won-over press & every audience it played for including hard-core Cramps fans, those who are new to the band and even past members of the Cramps... They headline from Albuquerque’s Launchpad to Hollywood’s ViPER Room on the Sunset Strip plus being the year’s most anticipated show every Halloween... TEENAGE WEREWOLVES prove you don't have to know who the Cramps were to be blown-away by the Best-Show-in-Town you've ever seen or heard since the CRAMPS