L.A. Fashion Week "Cat People"

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"Teenage Werewolves"

"Last of the Famous Int Playboys"
"Bela Lugosi's Dead &
                   Strange Kind of Love"
"Under Pressure" with 2X Tony Award winner Michael Cerveris

"China Girl"

"Sympathy for the Devil"

Jack Atlantis gets interviewed by Lina Lecaro
from Los Angeles with dozens of live performances shown throughout... Hollywood nightlife-icon Lina Lecaro (author & LA Weekly entertainment journalist), asks Jack about his over-the-top performances during the notorious "Club Makeup" years and how he continues to tear-it-up with his Cramps tribute band the "Teenage Werewolves"... Jack opens his personal video-vault of never-seen performances from the infamous "Club Makeup" held at the historic "El Rey" theater over a 4yr span that spawned a thousand wild stories. "E entertainment channel" tried to encapsulate these tall Tales in their two documentaries about the club called "Hollywood Nights" but it remains yet to be fully told.​